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Cartoon Lizard lay of the land review

On Lay Of The Land, Victoria BC’s own Cartoon Lizard continue respectably along those signature sunny psych-pop lines that so admirably informed their debut EP (Not Punk Not Raw, April 2017) nearly two years passed now. Comparisons to a wide angle of pop luminaries immediately leap to mind upon first spin (Beatles, Shins, Flaming Lips, et al), though it’s quickly apparent that this Canadian quintet have no interest whatsoever in wearing their influences on their proverbial shirtsleeves. Each song here is a meticulously carved and handsomely crafted piece of sonic confection, easy on the ears but dutifully dressed in a menagerie of multicolored, psychedelic hues that gleam and glisten like dewdrops on a steamy summer’s morning. Watch closely, fellow indie-poppers, for the Lizard will swiftly assume their rightful position in that piece of the musical cosmos most often frequented by Tame Impala, Animal Collective, and Vampire Weekend in no time flat.

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