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The Beatles ~ Revolver

Even Macca himself has repeatedly heralded that magical mid-period in Beatles lore (late ‘65 - ‘66) as “a pretty hot one “. Though few would dare argue the unprecedented depth and scope of the fab four’s near perfect back catalogue, it is the sheer confidence, handsomely coupled with a hungry penchant for groundbreaking experimentation, that has perennially marked Revolver’s timeless signature. No other time throughout their celebrated career did the stars align in quite such a miraculous fashion. Simply stated, this is the Beatles as nature intended....firing on all 8....and ripe for the picking. Lennon’s cheeky psychedelia, Macca’s unparalleled craftsmanship, both in song and on his newly acquired Rickenbacker, Starkey’s crisp and nimble percussives....even Harrison managed an unprecedented 3 original compositions on the final offering.

Though many have lauded the hippie heavy, Macca laden Sgt. Pepper as the band’s finest outing, it can most certainly be argued that, without Revolver’s neo-psychedelic underpinnings, Pepper may have turned out a MUCH different offering for sure.

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